Download ScanPapyrus 16.11.2 incl Crack & Serial


ScanPapyrus 16.11.2 Multilingual | 15 Mb ScanPapyrus automatically enhances scanned pages by increasing contrast and whiteness, removing sloppy edges, deskewing pages, cropping unnecessary fields and much more. ScanPapyrus lets you quickly and effortlessly scan any paper documents, books, manuals or magazines. Scan Papers into FilesScanPapyrus lets you scan paper media, …

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Download RevisionFX Twixtor 6.2.6 incl Crack & Serial

RevisionFX Twixtor

RevisionFX Twixtor 6.2.6 | 24 MB REVisionFX Twixtor intelligently slows down, speeds up or changes the frame rate of your image sequences. Twixtor raises the bar in motion estimation. Twixtor introduces a complete rewrite of its tracking. Twixtor is much more accurate, tracks objects farther, and exhibits fewer artifacts when …

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Download Retouch Pilot 3.10.2 incl Crack & Serial

Retouch Pilot

Retouch Pilot 3.10.2 | 4.74 Mb Retouch Pilot is photo retouching software that was designed for removing imperfections from a photo. It allows you to remove small technical imperfections – scratches, spots from dust particles and hair, etc. – that were found in the original image or that appeared while …

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