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Download BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition)

BackupChain 2.4.561 for Windows Servers and Workstations Edition | 15 MB

BackupChain is a simple to use, yet powerful backup software made for IT professionals. It is a fully automatic and configurable solution that offers file version differencing, deduplication and delta compression. Furthermore, BackupChain offers Hyper-V virtual machine backup and database protection, as well as a strong multithreaded engine for parallel processing. Files, databases, and virtual machines can be easily copied to network servers, USB, iSCSI, local drives, and FTР.

How do you want to use BackupChain?
• Hyper-V Backup with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Cluster Shared Volume Support
• VMware Backup
• FTP Backups
• Microsoft Exchange Server Backups
• Data Backups
• Cloud Backups
• SQL Server Backups

DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial

Fully Configurable Data Backup for Windows Servers and Workstations
• Professional Windows application with a simple interface.
• BackupChain Hyper-V is a backup component for Hyper-V and fully compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Cluster Shared Volume deployments, Failover Clustering, and Windows Server 2008 Server Core Installations.
• Installation Instructions are available for GUI-less environments.
• VMware: Back up VMware VMs locally and remotely, live without interruptions
• Backup virtual machines while running
• Single-click backup and recovery, even via FTР. Check out this how-to guide for details.
• Configurable and customizable retention periods
• Restore file and folder structure as of time of when the data was copied
• Delayed deletion, configurable depending on file type, allows you to delay the cleanup in the target folder after it occurred in the source folder.

DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial
DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial

Powerful Server-Grade Features
• BackupChain detects what has changed inside a file and only stores the difference (Delta Compression).
• Because only content differences are stored, you can back up virtual disks, databases, and large file servers quickly. This allows you to back up data efficiently to a remote location over the Internet and hold on to even hundreds of file versions.
• Backup databases live without stopping or interrupting the database server (SQL Server, and other VSS-aware databases).
• Efficient handling of large files (ZIP, delta compression, etc.) larger than 4 GB
• Support for ultra-long (32767 characters) path names, even with ZIP compression
• Support for international characters in path names (Unicode names)
• BackupChain supports also eSATA and USB external hard drives and other storage media.
• Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs) and Failover Clustering are fully supported
• Purchase includes a 1 or 2 year update subscription.
• Lifetime technical support
• Simultaneous file processing within tasks, as well as multiple simultaneous tasks are configurable. Run as many tasks as needed.
• Full CPU core support during deduplication

DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial
DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial

Secure Online Backup for Servers and Workstations – You Own Both Sides
• Set up and control your own online system using the built-in FTP server. Running your own server at another site eliminates online storage costs and your data is stored on your own computers.
• Send your data to any other PC running BackupChain or any FTP hosting site on the Internet.
• Copy your office data to your home computer and vice-versa.
• Synchronize your servers and PCs at several office locations.
• Secure your files with secure transmission (FTPS) and military-strength encryption (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

Configurable File Versioning
• Configure precisely the number of versions you want to keep depending on the file type and location.
• Compress specific file types the way you want (delta compression, zip, rar, gz, etc.)
• Specify different settings for each folder and file type
• Specify specific rules to omit certain paths

Process Locked / Open Files
• BackupChain processes locked files of any application.
• Backs up databases while the database server is running (Microsoft SQL, etc.)
• Copy VMs live on all major virtualization platforms.
• Applications and system files can be processed while applications are running.

DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial
DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial

Simple Drive / Target Rotation Scheme
• Rotate external hard drives as you like.
• Backups continue where they left off for each respective target separately. Deduplication continues separately on each drive.
• Rotate any type of target you want in any sequence (hard drives, folders, network shares, FTP, etc.)
• All information is stored in the target folder. Any one drive in rotation scheme restores all your data independently.

Server Platforms
• Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003, incl. core Installations, and Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008
• Windows Server and Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 / 2008 R2 Server Core Installation
• Microsoft Small Business Server, Storage Server, and all other OS variants are all supported.

DownLoad BackupChain 2.4.561 (All Edition) incl Crack & Serial
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