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Download cFosSpeed 9.05 Build 2093 Beta

Download cFosSpeed 9.05 Build 2093 Beta

CFosSpeed ​​- the program, representing a network driver, which is joined to the existing Internet connection and instantly optimizes data transfer by prioritizing traffic. Traffic Shaping – a method for optimizing the Internet traffic, providing the maximum speed with minimum delay.

You can use cFosSpeed ​​with a router and / or a DSL-modem or cable modem. It is also possible to use with other types of Internet connections. cFosSpeed ​​supports an impressive range of connections such as DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, and others.
cFosSpeed ​​- a popular software product for fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.
cFosSpeed ​​can itself be calibrated depending on the connection. Usually, the best results can be achieved after several days of using a program that can load the incoming and outgoing bandwidth at full speed.
Works with any practically equipment and almost worldwide. cFosSpeed ​​will allow you to get super-fast Internet surfing, to reduce download time and response. Uses a special honor at fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.
The standard solution to compensate for this effect was to increase the size of the TCP-window that allows you to send more data without immediate confirmation. The main problems here are to increase ping (latency) and significant delays during rendering web pages. The delay of up to two seconds is not uncommon for TCP-window size of 512KB. In short, the large size of TCP-window still does not allow you to get the full speed of downloading.
On the other hand, cFos Traffic Shaping arranges data by priority in the order that important packets are always earlier than usual. Thus, the evidence always come on time, and the transfer will never clog your connection!
Technology cFos Traffic-Shaping, recognizing the important packet types and placing them in accordance with the priorities, not only smooths the Internet traffic, but also provides a low ping. This not only accelerates surfing and download speed increases, but also offers advantages in online games.

– Broadband: Cable and DSL
– Narrow band: Modem and ISDN
– DSL, PPPoA (VCmux and LLC)
– Cable
– IP over AAL
– RFC1483/2684 bridged

CFosSpeed ​​increases throughput and reduces the ping:
Every time you connect to the internet and using more than one data stream CFosSpeed ​​can optimize traffic.
– Improves your Ping for online games
– Supports Internet quickly during heavy loading / unloading
– NEW: Improved mobile internet
– Reduce problems with the audio / video Internet streams
– Improves voice quality in programs using VoIP

– If an ACK is not sent quickly enough, the download may be slow during the injection (in the case of the standard prioritization).
– With the standard Auto Tuning TCP for Windows download can be slow. Rashireniem RWIN for cFosSpeed ​​can increase the speed.
– CFosSpeed ​​can also increase download speeds for specific programs: the test results).
– CFosSpeed ​​supports low latency ping, even with large amounts of downloads and uploads.

– Using the prioritization schemes settings, you can always give their full width of the channel program, since cFosSpeed ​​determines which threads should be a priority.
– For example, traffic for the games, VoIP and Audio / Video data will have higher priority than downloading / uploading.
– Distribution of files will by default use the entire width of the Internet channel, but slow down when the program will be used with higher priority.
– The whole scheme of prioritization is fully customizable and can be changed on the fly.

– Full download speed when downloading
– Keep a low response time of your Internet connection even under heavy load channel
– Fewer network latency in online games
– Improved sound quality in VoIP
– Status window with a custom design – you can always see what proihodit

Download cFosSpeed 9.05 Build 2093 Beta

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