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Download HT Parental Controls incl Crack & Serial

HT Parental Controls
HT Parental Controls

HT Parental Controls | 6.83 MB

Download HT Parental Controls incl Crack & Serial

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Our latest release of HT Parental Controls offers an unparalleled level of site and system restriction that is friendly enough for everyone to use. Recent studies have found over 70% of parents, as well as organizations, monitor and restrict Internet and computer access. What used to be viewed as an infringement of personal freedom has quickly become a necessity.

With features ranging from time controls and user level permissions, to scheduled screen captures and remote reporting, HT Parental Controls is a complete solution for your monitoring and security needs. Our advanced content matching algorithms provide a secure means to filter unwanted sites, without having to specify each address individually. Blocking websites, applications, and chat programs has never been easier thanks to our friendly filter definition interface.

Unlike many solutions, we do not stop at simply restricting access. In addition to security implements, HT Parental Controls also has a full array of monitoring tools. Remote reporting by scheduled emails and log export functionality allow you to view and use that information outside of our system as well. If you are in need of a solution to secure and monitor your computer, you are in need of HT Parental Controls.

Download HT Parental Controls incl Crack & Serial

Application Monitoring and Blocking
Whether you want to prevent access to applications for security reasons, or for parental purposes, you can do so easily with HT Parental Controls. Choose programs to block from our preset list of popular applications, or add a custom application located on your computer. In addition to blocking access to applications, we provide the option to track program usage, so you can see when applications are being opened and closed. It’s extremely easy to control access to the programs installed on your computer with our software!

Website Monitoring and Blocking
HT Parental Controls monitors website traffic and allows you to block access to sites based on their address as well as their content. Use of our predefined site categories makes web filtering easy for everyone. Our cutting edge algorithms efficiently detect flagged keywords with low overhead. This means you can rest assured the content you want blocked is well out of reach without slowing down your computer.
In addition to blocking sites, HT Parental Controls logs all web traffic. This feature works independent of the Internet browser being used, and provides time visited, site address, and the site name. Having a history of viewed sites allows you to ensure your filters are working properly, and can be useful when auditing surfing trends and practices.

Keystroke Monitoring
Sometimes you may incur the need to monitor what is being typed in certain applications. This may prove especially useful when monitoring conversations through approved chat programs. Our keystroke logging routines work quietly in the background, without being detected.
Unlike other key logging software that simply dumps all of the data into a messy file, HT Parental Controls provides a clean interface to view your keystroke logs. Each session is tracked separately, allowing you to view a history of application usage by time and only view the data typed while using that specific program. Reviewing keyboard activity has never been easier!

Instant Messenger Blocking
With all of the new messaging applications being released, sometimes it is hard to keep up! This is why we provide a list of messenger and chat applications that is easy to detect and block as needed. Whether you want to limit access to only one specific approved chat program, or if you want to block them all, you can do so effortlessly with HT Parental Controls.

Screenshot Capturing
When capturing keyboard traffic just is not enough, never fear, screenshots will make everything clear! We understand that a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand keystrokes. This is why we offer the ability to capture screenshots at customizable intervals.

In addition to specifying the intervals at which to take screen grabs, HT Parental Controls also lets you choose image quality for your screenshot. This unique feature enables you to control the physical size of your screenshots in order to save disk space. Our easy to use interface allows you to view your history of screenshots quickly thumbnail view or at full screen size.

Social Network Blocking
You may find the need to block access to specific social networking sites, such as Facebook or MySpace. These types of websites have proven to be time-wasters at work. They can also serve as an open door to predators at home. Whether you are blocking access to social networking site for the purpose of work efficiency, or as a means of security for your loved ones, you can rely on HT Parental Controls!

Time Controls
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Download HT Parental Controls incl Crack & Serial

HT Parental Controls | 6.83 MB
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